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PatienTech LLC (d.b.a. BodiTrak) track is a diversified sensor technology company which manufactures and markets sensors and sensor-enabled products using its patented smart fabric material. It’s technology is the only commercialized fabric-only sensor (stretchable, flexible, breathable, mass-produced) able to read and communicate pressure and stretch data in real time.

BodiTrak business applies this technology in different sectors and smart consumer products to enable the monitoring of real-time biophysical information. In certain areas, this is accomplished via joint venture, while in others we market and distribute directly to consumers.

Having been developed for the healthcare field (integration into hospital bed services to help reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers), BodiTrak and its manufacturing facility are fully FDA/CSA/TUV & ISO approved.


BodiTrak proprietary (polyester, nylon and Lycra) fabric instantly reads pressure applied to its surface. Its elasticity, flexibility and breathability are revolutionary in the field of smart fabrics. The material, made up of conductive and semiconductors layers, reads this data via grids of pressure sensing cells which are scanned many times the second, rendering a 3D pressure image on a monitor or mobile device (via Bluetooth, WiFi or USB). Our proprietary processes allow for the mass production of its fabric at low costs. BodiTrak has a comprehensive IP portfolio covering the technology, associate software and relevant applications.

Boditrak launched a consumer sleep oriented brand in 2013 for the development and distribution of ‘smart’ mattresses and pillows. (ReST).
Boditrak Sports launched its first product in January 2014 - a first-of-a-kind portable pressure-sensing mat with intuitive instructor- oriented software. The BodiTrak Golf System gives real-time analytics pertaining to pressure distribution and shift during a swing. BTS is currently Distributing this product globally.
In 2014, PatienTech partnered with Marucci Sports, one of the fastest-growing and one of the most respected names in the sports equipment field.
The Marucci boditrak Head Health Network (“HHN”) is a new approach to concussion and head-trauma prevention, detection and treatment for young athletes as well as professionals.
Vista Medical produces pressure-sensing and smart services for the healthcare & wellness industries. These products are designed to assist care staff in the prevention of pressure ulcers caused by the buildup of contact pressure between a patient's body and a mattress or table.